#366 days of design - 2020
Daily challenge
Four years after the first edition in 2016, I decided to start a new daily challenge but this time using textures, new palettes and some hand drawing.
Each creation had to be posted on social networks using the hashtag #366daysofdesign

2020 was the occasion to do some research on themes like origami, infographics, topography, concrete art, op art...

This year, unlike in 2016, I wanted to do more hand drawing and add textures in my illustration. The illustraions of the first month were quite organic.
But rapidly, I was back to geometric shapes while keeping hand drawing, creating some interesting patterns.
The exploration keeps going and I choose to give greater visibility to the design grid (classic or isometric grid).
Since a long time, I had the idea to create infographics with a drawing style. This project was the perfect occasion to give it a try during one month.
During the lockdown, I had the opportunity (and time) to create some cardboard models and learn origami with my daughter. Each day, I was testing a new folding, shooting it and finally drawing it.
Like infographics on April, this time I wanted to explore topography.
Maybe due to the return of the sunshine, July was the opportunity to set shapes apart and study objects's shadows. Like for the origamis in May, the study always started by the research of an object, the use of lights and a shooting prior to the drawing.
After four months testing new forms of expression (with varying degrees of success), I decided to go back to what I love: pure geometry !
The idea here, was to study the work of inspiring artists such as Sol Lewitt, Josef Albers, François Morellet, Vera Molnar, Daniel Buren or Victor Vasarely, and discover how their work could inspire me.
Kinetic art incited me to further research which made me discover concrete art: the using of shapes, lines and colors just for what they are.
The discoveries in September were a revelation for me. I've discovered the freedom to play with shapes and concentrate only on their balance and contrast, without seeking for a graphic representation.
During my holidays in Paris in October, I was lucky (between two lockdowns) to go to Centre Pompidou museum and see Yaacov Agam geometric works for kids and Martin Barré's paintings, then admire Ulla von Brandenburg's big installations at the Palais de Tokyo museum and finally dance with the interactive installations of Adrien M and Claire B at the Gaîté Lyrique art space.
November is a mix of all of these things.
Back of cold weather in December. Playing with shapes and season colors, perfect to end the year!

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